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18" – 3.7 lbs – 1.73 kg

18" x 11" x 9" – 45.5cm x 27.9cm x 22.8cm

13 L

8 L/ KG

ABS/Polycarbonate Composite

Specially designed Protruding Inline wheels with Metal Bearings

Internal Reversed-Curve Handle System designed especially for Children





Sesame Street Kids Luggage

Designed especially for kids. This luggage featuring Sesame Street Characters was created by Heys with the unique characteristics of children in mind. Incorporating several design features that benefit children, these cases are the perfect travel companion.

These beautiful cases have Sesame Street characters specially printed onto their hardshell surfaces. There are a variety of unique character prints in this collection; these prints include popular characters such as Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

In creating a 'High-end' series for Sesame Street, our designers incorporated several children-specific features. One of these is the internal 'reversed-curved' handle system that curves the handle inwards & upwards closer to the child, making it much more comfortable for the child - at a low height - to hold and navigate the case. The Patent Protected design of this case also allows the wheels to 'protrude' out. This protrusion keeps the case elevated, so that even when being rolled at a very low height off the floor, the wheels will be the only point of contact and the case will continue to roll with ease. The cases weigh in at a mere 3.7 lbs, and feature our inline skate wheels that make their rolling even smoother, so any child can easily wheel these fun cases around. They also have a zipper closure system, that when opened reveals a beautifully lined interior as well as a zippered divider for internal organization.

Patent Protected

Comes with a 2 Year Warranty and is Carry-on Approved.

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