xcase® Nations™

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20" – 5.1 lbs – 2.3 kg

20" x 14" x 9" – 50.8cm x 35.6cm x 23cm

ABS / Polycarbonate composite




Inline wheels with Metal Bearings

Internal Single Handle System with 18° curvature

5 Year Limited Warranty

xcase® Nations™

The xcase® Nations™ adds a flair of national pride to the accredited design of the original xcase® - the World's Lightest Carry-on. 12 unique & creative xcase® Nations™ prints have been designed as a part of this series including Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, & the United Kingdom. The luggage prints are protected by a layer of clear coat paint that also gives it a beautiful glossy shine. Each luggage has been uniquely designed to represent the culture, the people and the unity of one Nation. With the xcase Nations, Heys celebrates the multi-cultural heritage that makes Canada a part of us all!

The xcase® Nations™ comes with a curved telescopic handle system. The curvature of the handle system increases the distance between your feet and the xcase to eliminate the annoying 'back-kick' problem; where your back heel comes in contact with your carry-on behind you while walking. The telescopic handle tube is made from lightweight aluminum to keep the overall weight reduced, but it has a unique cross-section shape of an ellipse to enhance its structural integrity and strength. Even the top T-bar handle is designed to be a 'One-Handed' open and close operation. The push-button is positioned to be in your thumbs natural location when holding the T-bar, this is to easily facilitate the handle release and retraction so that your other hand is conveniently free to carry other bags or perform other tasks.

Weighing a mere 5 lbs, the xcase is the World's Lightest Carry-on

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