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0.7 lbs – 0.32 kg

11” x 11.5” x 0.8” – 28cm x 29cm x 2.0cm

Main Compartment – 11” Depth x 11.5” Wide
Front Pocket – Top Zip 8” Depth x 9” Wide
Front Pocket – Middle Zip 5.5” Depth x 9” Wide
Front Pocket – Bottom Zip 2.5” Depth x 9” Wide
Back Pocket – 7” Depth x 9” Wide
Internal Zipper Pocket – 5” Depth x 7.5” Wide

Soft Lambskin Leather

Heys Leather Cross Body Bag

The Heys Leather Crossbody bag is a hands-free multi-compartment bag that helps you stay organized.

The Leather Cross Body Bag is a stylish and comfortable bag that is worn across the chest so that your hands remain free at all times. It comes with a Bonus zippered coin purse and has a total of 7 compartments for organization. There are 3 accessible zippered front pockets, a large main compartment and one more pocket at the back. The 3 front pockets allow you to organize items into different sized compartments. This clever pocket system ensures every item has its own place. The main compartment has dedicated interior pockets for your cell phone, pens, and a digital camera. It even has more dedicated pockets for your pens, water bottle, credit cards, compact case, cosmetics, and even one for medications - all of which are perfectly organized for quick and easy access at any time.

The Heys Cross body bag enables you to find and easily access all your items because of its well designed pocket system. There is also the backside zippered compartment which is the most secure pocket of the bag. This pocket is ideal for your travel documents and other important items while traveling. This bag also includes a detachable coin wallet with photo ID badge, perfect as a mini-wallet for your credit cards, or as a work badge for the office.

The Heys Leather Crossbody bag has a total of 7 zippered compartments and 15 place holders.

  • Comes with a Bonus zippered coin purse
  • Hands Free Bag - Worn across your chest
  • Easy access front pockets

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